Pack 99


Files, forms and flyers

Membership Forms

BSA Youth Application - for new Scouts and transfers

BSA Adult Application - required for new Adult leaders and new parents of Lions and Tigers

BSA Medical Forms Part A and B only - all participants in Scouting activities must complete Part A and Part B annually. Return forms to an adult leader at a pack meeting.

Photo Release Form - required by all Scouts to complete one time during their time with Pack 99

Getting Started

Flyer to Join Cub Scouts Pack 99 - for school year 2018-2019

Parent Orientation Presentation - originally presented on August 24, 2018


Master Calendar 2018-2019 (pdf) - calendar of all events for Pack 99

Financial Forms

Financial Reimbursement Form - for den leaders to request reimbursement from the treasurer

Latest Treasurer's Report - income and expense statement and balance sheet reported on August 23, 2018

Other Forms